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Dried and True at the Hot Stove Society

  • Upstairs at Hotel Andra 2000 4th Avenue Seattle, WA, 98121 United States (map)


Learn why the hippest chefs keep a dehydrator in their kitchen arsenal!

If you like to try your hand at home-style food projects like making jam, ricotta, or sauerkraut, you will love learning the ins and outs of drying food in a dehydrator. Sara Dickerman, one of Seattle’s most accomplished food writers and the author of Bon Appetit: The Food Lover’s Cleanse, has a new book that takes dried food to a whole new level- Dried and True: The Magic of Your Dehydrator in 80 Delicious Recipes and Inspiring Techniques.

From dried favorites like fruit leather and beef jerky to new school treats like stracciatella meringues, buttermilk zucchini chips, and umami powder, Sara’s book shows how your dehydrator doesn’t just preserve food, it also intensifies flavors and creates marvelous and unique textures. No wonder so many contemporary chefs make sure to keep one as part of their kitchen arsenal!

You’ll enjoy substantial tastes of everything Sara demos. For example you’ll sample the Bloody Mary salt on a devilled egg and the sun dried tomato petals tossed into a pasta. A copy of Dried and True is included in the price of the class, and Sara will sign your book.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sara will cover the steps for making Bloody Mary Salt, a savory flavor powder for rimming Bloody Mary glasses, seasoning steaks, and bringing devilled eggs up a notch.
  • Fruit Leathers are quick and easy to make at home, and so much tastier when made with great local fruit- learn how to make Blueberry Blackberry Leather
  • Gluten free crackers are easy to make in the dehydrator. Sara will show you how to make seedy caraway flax crackers.
  • Semi-dried tomato petals demonstrate how drying halfway, not completely, can concentrate intense flavors in your produce; you’ll find so many ways to use these ‘petals.’
  • and of course there is jerky! Sara will walk you through the steps of making fantastic Salt-and-Pepper Beef Jerky, which establishes the basics of making great jerky at home.

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